GenNext 2014

Serve First. GenNext Winter Retreat – “Refuel 2014″

Fourteen fresh inches of snow on Saturday morning and a high temp of 20 degrees is absolutely the perfect weather for a winter retreat.  The only downside is plowing through that snow to get the tube hill running faster than a slow crawl. After a few runs its ripe for a team trip.  A slow start, but this team wins the gold medal for loudest tube run.  Waahooo…

My favorite comment from the weekend was from Mike at 12:30 AM when I visited their bunkhouse to get their heater going again.  ”Ryan, you must work at least 84 hours a day!”  True, when a group is at Lion’s Ridge my number one priority is serving their needs, but what I really appreciated was Mike’s effort to NOT call me in the middle of the night.

His comfortable sleep was at risk, but His first thought was to not bother me.   Before he called me, he had already exhausted his cabin mates and adult leaders expertise in trying to fix their problem.  Even with explicit permission to call me at anytime, Mike was thinking of my needs over his own.  That’s another great example of Sherpa Values.  Thanks Mike!



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